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Terms & Conditions is owned and operated by KGFA Capital Ventures Inc.  KGFA Capital Ventures Inc. also owns Lendinero.  There is a fiduciary interest by and between KGFA Capital Ventures Inc. and lendinero. KGFA Capital Ventures Inc. can lend, can act as loan intermediary, has financing agreements with lenders and investors and can provide financial and business advisory services. is owned by KGFA Capital Ventures Inc. and it is a loan origination and AI loan origination and loan marketplace online.

Disclaimer: The operator of this website is not a lender and does not make credit decisions.  Once your application is submitted it will be sent to KGFA Capital Ventures Inc. and or Lendinero who will contact you to assist you with your personal loan request. They provide different services related to personal loans. This website offers a service that attempts to connect potential borrowers, with available offers, based on on self reported information. By submitting your information through this site, you consent to having it shared with third parties for the purpose of facilitating your request. All financial products and services are presented without warranty and providing your information on this website does not guarantee an approval with said products or services. Pre-qualified offers are not binding. Terms, conditions, and policies vary by product, service, state, and your particular financial situation. It is the user's responsibility to read all third party disclaimers and restrictions before proceeding. 

By signing below, each of the above listed business and business owner/officer (individually and collectively, "you") authorize KGFA Capital Ventures Inc. and dba Lendinero and each of its representatives, successors, assigns and designees ("Recipients") that may be involved with or acquire commercial loans, business cash advance, business line of credit or invoice financing having daily repayment, weekly repayment or monthly repayment features.  This also may include the purchases of future receivables including merchant cash advance transactions, including without limitation the application therefor (collectively, "Transactions") to obtain consumer or personal, business and investigative reports and other information about you, including credit card processor statements and bank statements, from one or more consumer reporting agencies, such as TransUnion, Experian and Equifax, and from other credit bureaus, banks, creditors and other third parties. You also authorize KGFA Capital Ventures Inc., and dba Lendinero to transmit this application form, along with any of the foregoing information obtained in connection with this application, to any or all the Recipients for the foregoing purposes. You also consent to the release, by any creditor or financial institution, of any information relating to any of you, to KGFA Capital Ventures Inc., and dba Lendinero and to each of the Recipients, on its own behalf.


By submitting this business funding application on-line, YOU AS THE APPLICANT, hereby give authorization to KGFA CAPITAL VENTURES INC. and D.B.A. LENDINERO ISOA, hereinafter referred to as KGFA Capital, owner of  You, as the applicant give KGFA Capital ISOA and or processors to take the information which you provided on this business funding application and send it to our funding partners, other lenders, investors, and or funding resources to help you obtain business funding, a business merchant cash advance, business line of credit, invoice financing, reverse consolidation, or a business term loan for the amount you are requesting on this application.  As the application, you are giving KGFA Capital, the authorization by digital signature on this online application to take the information you have provided  and submit it to participating lenders whom we have a relationship with as a syndicate lender, investor, independent sales organization, referral partner, business partner, affiliate, broker or co-broker. You give us the right to submit the application or transfer the information utilizing this automated online system and automatically submitted to our funding partners or underwriters. You attest that information you are providing is true and correct to the best of your knowledge and that there is no fraudulent information or misleading information. In the event, that you provide false or misleading information, you agree to hold harmless KGFA Capital ISOA, funding partners and or affiliates. You as the applicant, understand that a pre-qualification, a pre-approval or a funding commitment may not constitute access in obtaining business funding unless if you can satisfy the conditions subject to funding and that said conditions are verified by an underwriter. You understand that false information or altering documentation is a federal crime and you may receive a fine and imprisonment if you alter or provide fraudulent information. You agree to hold us harmless and or funding partners. You, as the applicant understand that if you cannot comply with the documents requested by underwriting or our funding partners when and if you are approved, that the conditional approval may become null and void.

Also, you give, KGFA Capital Ventures Inc. authorization to transfer information to our funding partners and or apply on your behalf to platforms we think may approve your funding request.  By submitting this application you are giving, KGFA Capital Ventures Inc., Lendinero, its funding partners, investors or lenders we have agreements with or whom we do not have agreements with authorization to obtain a copy of your personal credit report with the personal information you provide as many times it may deem necessary to obtain a credit decision.  Also, you understand that we will only submit the information to 4 financial institutions or lenders. In some cases, these financial institutions or lenders may pull a soft credit pull or a hard inquiry. Soft inquiries do not affect credit scores and are not visible to potential lenders that may review your credit reports. They are visible to you only and will stay on your credit reports for 12 to 24 months, depending on the type. The other type of inquiry is a “hard” inquiry.  A hard inquiry can be seen by other lenders and may reduce your credit score.  Also, a business credit check will be performed in most cases. 

Any fees associated in obtaining any type of financing will be disclosed prior to funding.  Interest rates and any APR will be disclosed prior to funding.  Any other fees related to services provided will be disclosed.

We do not resell data.  Your information is secured and will only be used for conducting financials analysis or obtaining financing.

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