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Automation and superior customer experience in
business finance

Linktolender is a leading digital lending ecosystem that helps
business owners, ISOs, B2B platforms, affiliate marketers and financial service providers with an omni-channel experience to business finance. Offer financing to business customers today with

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Seeking business funding?

One simple online application that enables you to explore the best funding option for your business based on your needs and your business profile. 

See if your business is eligible for financing.

One loan Application explore multiple funding options

An online marketplace for business owners. Explore all funding options in one place. Get matched with the appropriate lender or investors.

Cloud based platform

All data is stored in the cloud. View loan applications, financial data, bank statements and more. Make updates regularly. No need
to store data anywhere else.
No 3rd party integrations.

business owner lending portal

Data Aggregation Acceleration

 We simplify the customer on boarding process and the borrowing experience by streamlining workflows and empowering the digital transformation process. 

Customer Automated Experience Service

Business owners can obtain an instant credit decision on several products.  Customers can explore all needs in our platform from business lines, to merchant cash advance, to SBA loans, to factoring, equipment financing, commercial real estate loans and more.


Not all lenders approve business financing the same way. Explore your options today.

White-labeled digital originations platform for end-to-end loan processing, underwriting, and management. can be white-labeled. A digital originations platform for end-to-end loan processing, underwriting, and management that can be used by affiliate marketers independent sales organizations (ISOs), finance companies, the banking sector and B2B providers. Existing ISOs can reduce processing time by utilizing our platform.  Finance companies, banks online B2B vendors and SMB providers can offer alternative business lending products not withing their portfolio products without any risk and generate new revenue streams for customers who may not qualify or seek alternative business financing products.  To obtain more information on becoming a white-label partner write to:


multiple business finance offers

Explore your options

Business owners


B2B partnerships

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Sign up & Chat Options
Easy to register

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Easy Online App
Digital Signature, IP Detect and more

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About Us

Our parent company KGFA Capital Ventures Inc. has been in the financial services and financing industry since 2004. is owned and operated by KGFA Capital Ventures Inc. 19 Years providing financial services to consumers and business owners in the U.S.

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