top of page announces the Beta Launch of Its Cloud-Based, Marketplace Lending Platform

This next-gen, cloud based marketplace-lending platform will empower business owners, B2B platforms and financial service providers with increased lending efficiency and reduced risk while delivering the exceptional borrower experience that takes the pain out of business lending.

Miami, Florida — August 23, 2023 –, has entered the business financial solutions marketplace, and has announced the beta launch of its new marketplace lending platform and loan origination software (LOS). This cloud-based marketplace lending platform can empower B2B platforms and financial service providers who want to offer business financing to their customers. The platform can provide efficiency, speed and reduced risk while delivering an enhanced process for business owners seeking the right financing.

The LOS was developed to address two sectors. First, the B2B marketplace and financial service providers. Financial service providers and B2B platforms that cater to business owners can expand their services by offering business financing utilizing The platform provides complete end-to-end LOS automated loan processing, underwriting and eliminates the need for expensive manual loan processing, reducing costs and allowing B2B platforms and financial service companies to expand its current services and address financing needs of business customers. Second, the LOS was developed to assist business owners in expanding their search for the proper business credit solution. Via a business can explore different options from short-term financing to business lines of credit, to SBA loans, equipment financing and more. The cloud based marketplace lending platform enables financial services providers such as insurance companies, wealth management companies, mortgage brokers, merchant processing companies and other service providers expand their product base by offering business financing to their customers utilizing the LOS. In addition, B2B marketplaces that cater to entrepreneurs can utilize the LOS to expand their product offering. The LOS can be white-labeled if needed. Without having to worry about any hefty costs, the platform enables financials services providers and B2B to submit loans, track deals, store data, track data, and process loans utilizing the platform. The platform has a proprietary CRM that stores all information submitted including financial documents.

During the past two years has been testing its platform, adding lenders and adding programs to its platform. While the LOS is new, the lending space is not new to The paltform is owned and operated by KGFA Capital Ventures Inc. , a financial services company that has been in business since 2004. KGFA Capital own a syndicate and business lending ISO that caters to LOBs (Latino-owned businesses). In addition, KGFA Capital has provided residential and commercial mortgages in the past. KGFA Capital and have domain expertise in the industry and have over 40 lending relationships with some of the nations top lenders, banks and finance providers. is consistently making changes to its platform to enhance features and meet the needs of both lenders on its network, financial service providers, B2Bs and business owners.


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