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Choose the right agreement

ISO agreement

This agreement is for referral partners who have experience in the MCA, SBA, or Lending business. In addition, this agreement is issued to referral partners who conduct the following business activities: 1) submit loan applications 2) submit initial documents 3) submit supporting documents 4) review loan offers 5) sell the offer to the borrower 6) obtain closing documents and 7) assume clawback in the event of a default.

Referral only agreement

This agreement is for referral partners who refer only information about a potential client seeking a loan, name, email, phone number and basic financial information.  Usually, this agreement is for financial service professionals who encounter day to day business owners and trusted advisor.  This agreement is ideal for a financial professional or a trusted advisor who does not want to engage in business financing because they focus on their core business practice.

Affiliate marketer or publisher

This agreement is ideal for affiliate marketers who can drive traffic, leads and prospects.  Also, this agreement is ideal for online publishers who own a news medium online, blog, or have strong social media presence.  

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